Our Process

Data Warehouse Design and Development

Data warehouses are the lifeblood of any business. They are central repositories of integrated data from one or more disparate sources. If it’s hard to comprehend a few thousand rows of numbers, what chance do you have to get insight from millions or billions of rows at a time. That is where we come. Utilizing tools such as MS SQL Server, Google Big Query, and Spark, make sense of your big data sets.

Use BizLitics Data Warehouse methodologies to:

  • Develop end to end data warehouse solutions and services either on premise or in the cloud.
  • Consolidate, integrate and blend data from multiple sources to build custom data marts designed to meet the needs of specific departments, facilities or speciality stakeholders.

Cloud Based Analytics Solutions Design and Development

The BizLitics Cloud BI solution makes business intelligence faster and easier than ever before. Publish dashboards and share them with colleagues, partners or customers. With cloud BI you can find answers in minutes—whenever, wherever. Benefits of a BizLitics Cloud Hosted Analytics Solution:

  • Simplicity
    • No complicated servers to purchase and manage. No long implementation times. Up and running in hours not weeks.
  • Reliability
    • Your content is ready, on-demand, on a reliable service used by millions around the world.
  • Central Data Management
    • Centralize your data, right in the cloud. Define data connections, add metadata and author entirely new calculations and data field for everyone to use.
  • Subscriptions
    • Get critical information right in your email inbox by subscribing to a workbook. Simply click into the email to interact with the data live in your web browser.

GeoSpatial Mapping Design and Development

Geospatial analysis is an approach to analyzing data which has a geographical or geospatial aspect.

Use BizLitics geospatial methodologies and visualizations to:

  • Develop GeoSpatial Solution using multi layered mapping and geo location
    • Facility Placement
    • Market and territory Mapping
    • Drive time Distance Analysis
    • Region and territorial plotting and mapping

Management Consulting

As experienced management consultants, we tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients, whether addressing an isolated business challenge or integrating resources across departments or divisions.

  • We provide interim leadership services to help a firm navigate change
  • BizLitics helps clients overcome complex operational and financial issues, uncover new opportunities, minimize risk, and maximize value.
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Staffing/Financial Modeling Analysis